Grace Haven Over the Edge To End Child Sex-Trafficking
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Catrina Rauch

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Catrina Rauch

 This is the third year I will be rappeling and am happy to say my sister Danielle is well enough to be by my side once again this year! We have a combined goal of $2500 but with your help I hope we can exceed that! Rappeling down a 30 story building is an adventure that calls for a certain type of fanfair! The first year we showed our true colors by wearing matching costumes as we rappelled together side by side.  Last year I was in pink wings in support of my sister as I rappelled solo as she cheered me on from the sidelines. This year we want you to be a part of the journey. Anyone who donates $25 or more will have their name and plegde applied in bold letters to our costumes. I'm excited about the opportunity to rappel for this worthwhile cause. Gracehaven is doing exceptional work in serving victims of human trafficking.

My sister Danielle works for Youth for Christ and Gracehaven. She and her co-workers along with a multitude of volunteers help to rescue, rehabilitate, house, educate and support young people who have been victims of sex trafficking. 

Sex Trafficking is now a world wide problem and has become one of the leading crimes against kids and youth in the world. Gracehaven is a non-for-profit organization that helps to educate the public about who is at risk, and also has a large network of police, public officials, healthcare workers, and churches that support kids who have been rescued out of a trafficking situation. 

The Over The Edge event is one of their biggest fundraisers to support the ongoing costs associated with providing housing, food, clothing, education, counseling and job training to the hundreds of kids that are participating in their programs. 

I am asking everyone to reach into your pockets and donate whatever you can to support and help these kids in need.  

Join me in this endeavor as we bring positive change together. 

*Due to Covid-19 restrictions this event is now rescheduled for Aug7th. If some reason that date will not allow for an outside event we will still donate all the proceeds to the cause. The rappelling is a fun way to get the word out but this is really about helping kids. Whether we are able to make it public display or not these kids will be helped by your generosity. 

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Goal: $1,250.00
Achieved: $455.00

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