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Christen Shore

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Christen Shore

A couple of years ago, I agreed to jump off a building to help girls heal from their experience being trafficked in central Ohio.  When I finished that experience, I told Gracehaven that it was truly a once in a lifetime experience.  And that I only wanted to do it once in my lifetime.

When I participated last time, I suited up and went to the top of the PNC building in downtown Columbus and clipped myself onto the security things.  I got the last minute training and they told me, "Now lean back away from the building."  I said, "You know, the only thing keeping me from plummeting to the ground is the building."  The assured me that no one had died so far doing the rappel and that they weren't going to start now.  So I did it.  After I got over the terror of being 200 feet in the air and held up by a fancy caribiner, it was actually kind of fun.  But when I thought about doing it again?  No way.

So why am I doing it again?  

First, a friend of Peter's who sponsored me last time told me he really wanted to support Gracehaven, but that he really wanted me to jump off the building again.  He doesn't know me all that well, so I don't think he was making any kind of commentary on my life.  Nor (hopefully) was he thinking that because I am Peter's wife that I would want to do that.  I am hopeful that he wanted me to help spread the word about all the great things Gracehaven does in the Columbus community.  

Second, Gracehaven has recently invested in a new facility to expand their role as one of the premier providers of after care counseling for minors (particularly young girls) who have been trafficked in central Ohio.  Each year, more than 1000 minors are trafficked just here locally.  When those children are removed from the situation, many of them require a temporary residence where they can receive counseling to repair the damage to their bodies, minds and emotions.  They need job training so that they can more easily re-enter society without also re-entering the trade.  And they need to know that there are people who care about them.  The new facility allows the participants to have the privacy that they need to be able to fully engage in the training.  

Third, Gracehaven does a great deal of work educating those who are able to intervene and rescue those currently in the trade.  And to educate children about how to protect themselves from those who would prey on them to become victims.

I hope that one day, Gracehaven is no longer necessary because there is no demand for children in the sex trade.  Until that happens, please join me in supporting them in their mission to provide healing of all aspects for these children.  

My minimum goal is to raise $1,250 to support Gracehaven.  Please consider a contribution of any size.  If you would like to learn more about Gracehaven's work, please look at their web site at:  If you have questions or you would like a in-depth presentation about Gracehaven, you can join one of the public tours here:  If none of the available times work, please let me know and I will see what I can do to get you a tour at your convenience.  

Thanks for your support.

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