Grace Haven Over the Edge To End Child Sex-Trafficking
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Joshua Hall

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Joshua Hall



My name is Joshua Hall and I could not support a cause like this enough.  Sex trafficking happens far too often and needs taken care of; this is just one way I can get myself out there to help.  I also can't wait to have the opportunity to repel off of Chase tower.  A little bit about me; I am currently invovled in the Air National Guard and I work at Sutphen building fire trucks!  I also am a active member of Fishinger and Kenny Church of Chirst as well as their college program at Ohio State, Buckeyes for Christ.


I'm excited about the opportunity to rappel for this worthwhile cause. Gracehaven is doing exceptional work in serving Central Ohio victims of human trafficking. Join me in this endeavor as we bring positive change together. 


Thank you for your donations!

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Goal: $1,850.00
Achieved: $75.00

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