Grace Haven Over the Edge To End Child Sex-Trafficking
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Kate Randall

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Kate Randall

I'm so glad you're here! If you don't know me personally, my name is Kate Randall and in an amateur attempt to raise awareness of the global impact that human trafficking of ALL kinds has had on our society, I've decided to join in on the "Grace Haven Over the Edge" campaign. 

Gracehaven, is a safe zone for victims of child sex trafficking in Central Ohio.  More than 1,000 minors are sexually trafficked in Ohio annually. To effectively care for victims and prevent others from being enslaved in this life, Gracehaven employs a comprehensive approach to combatting domestic minor sex trafficking through community collaboration efforts, prevention education and outreach, intervention training, and survivor care and support. 

Gracehaven stands in the gap with them with a residential facility -- the only licensed residential facility for sex-trafficked minors in Ohio.

This is more than a house. It's a place where the teens can rest. They receive consistent, loving input from a well-trained staff that provides 24-hour care. And they enjoy a positive relational community where love, grace and acceptance is the norm.

Gracehaven’s therapeutic group home serves as a safe house and provides specialized, trauma-informed care for female victims of domestic minor sex trafficking. This small and specialized group home facility serves female minors ages 12-17. Their services are trauma-informed and trafficking-specific, providing a highly qualified and structured team approach to recovery and rehabilitation.

For obvious reasons, most of these girls have significant gaps in their learning. They attend an online school in the computer lab at the house for most of their studies. Gracehaven also takes the girls on field trips for enrichment and fun, something they've lacked for a long time.

Eventually they will be able to house 24 girls! As you can imagine, it takes a great deal of manpower and funding to maintain this important facility. 


Why am I getting involved?

This has ALWAYS been a cause near and dear to my heart and after hearing about, and watching a friend take the plunge last year, I knew this is something that I wanted be a part of. I want to show my daughter, that there is a need for good people in the world. And that being one isn't out of reach. I want her to know that grace and love CAN be found and should freely be given.  

I am beyond grateful that I've never had to experience the horrors of what these children endure. But I did have a tiny, seemingly insignificant taste of what it's like to be taken advantage of and exploited as a child.  I was so blessed to be surrounded by my loving community during that time. Protected and removed from harm - unlike so many less fortunate.  I'm passionate about the healing process and how a good dose of human affection and Jesus' love can have on the human soul.  

And finally, the reality is we don’t – and can’t – know for certain the effect COVID-19 and the response will have on the trafficking landscape.  What we do know is that there is growing concern that the economic effects of this virus will increase some of the vulnerabilities that make people and children susceptible to sex trafficking in the first place – economic need, unstable living conditions, and substance use issues among others.


And so...

In an effort to raise awareness, I plan to rappel 330 feet down The Chase Tower in the heart of downtown Columbus. I'm excited about the opportunity to rappel and raise awareness and funding for this worthwhile cause. Gracehaven is doing exceptional work in serving Central Ohio victims of human trafficking. Join me in this endeavor as we bring positive change together.

Because we need a little positive change. Don't you agree?

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