Grace Haven Over the Edge To End Child Sex-Trafficking
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Natasha Pinsent

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Natasha Pinsent


So I'm all the way from Canada, and when I heard about the opportunity to rappel for this worthwhile cause, I just had to be a part of it!!

First of all, what Gracehaven is doing to help young victims of sex trafficking, is something unreal to me! For a gal from Newfoundland and Labrador it's hard to fathom! It's only something we see on TV or hear about in the news! But to know it's real and literally affecting young innocent girls around us is heartbreaking! Please join me in this endeavor as we bring positive change together. heart

My aim is to raise $1800!!

For all my Canadian friends... a challenge has been made from an American friend that will MATCH up to $500 of the money I am able to raise from you!! So OH CANADA are you up for the challenge??

Not to mention, May 21st is my 45th birthday and I can't think of a more perfect gift to help me, help others, and... go "Over the Edge", instead of "Over the Hill"!! LMAO!!

Thanks so very much for this exciting opportunity! Here's to new adventures and God willing... new beginnings for these young ladies! heart  

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Goal: $1,800.00
Achieved: $125.00

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