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Team progress:


Goal: $1,250.00
Achieved: $1,980.00

Donations total:$1,980.00

Donations to the team: $0.00

Donations to the team members: $1,880.00

Individual registration fees:$100.00

1. Chloe Rumpf - $1,980.00

Our Donors:

Jul 21 BRR Budros Ruhlin & Roe $1,150.00
Aug 05 Budros Ruhlin and Roe Inc. $320.00
Jul 28 Daniel Roe $150.00
Jul 29 Eric Shisler $100.00
Jul 24 Ryan Garland $50.00
Jul 28 Scott Rister $50.00
Aug 04 Tracie Patten $50.00
Jul 24 Samantha Anderson $10.00

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